Rose Kegel Weights Guided Pelvic Practice LEVEL 1

Doing your pelvic floor exercises with a kegel weight is the most effective way to prevent incontinence and prolapse symptoms, whilst also boosting natural lubrication production and internal orgasmic potential. Think of it like a gym workout for your vaginal muscles, AKA the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles wrap about the three pelvic openings - the anus, vagina and urethra. 

In this audio, Rosie guides you through six powerful pelvic floor practices to do with your kegel weight inserted. It’s recommended to do this practice three times a week as best practice.

When using your kegel weights consistently, you will start to notice a difference within 4 - 12 weeks. You will notice better bladder control, enhanced lower abdomen and lower back strength, increased juiciness and stronger, more powerful orgasms in the bedroom!
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