new style: double-veluxe

Waterproof Blanket

Double-sided micro-velvet. No fleece, no worries!

the OG

Waterproof Blanket

100% waterproof, absorbent & machine washable.

Bamboo Waterproof Blanket

Protect your bedding, couch or sheets from your sexy spills.

Squirt School

An empowering online course designed to support you in the art or Gspot orgasm and female ejaculation. Join me and learn how to squirt during self pleasure and how to let go and squirt with your partner!


Yoni Pleasure Palace is the world’s leading alternative sexual wellness company, founded in 2014 by Sex & Relationship Coach Rosie Rees.

Our mission is for all folks to enjoy the full spectrum of their orgasmic potential, have a strong healthy pelvic floor and to feel empowered in their sexuality using yoni eggs, pleasure wands and our intimate wellness products.

We ship globally, discreetly and with eco packaging.


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