Energetic Cord Cutting Visualisation


The practice of energetic cord cutting helps to recover energy that has been lost and to re-establish healthy energetic boundaries.

This visualisation is an ideal process for someone who feels they have an unwanted connection to someone who has caused them harm and is draining their precious life force energy.

You know you have an unhealthy energetic connection with someone if you think about them and feel a sense of pain, grief, anger, rage or sadness. The chord may be with an ex partner, a person who sexually abused you, an abusive parent, a toxic family member, a boss, a colleague, an old friend or even a current partner where there is resentment harbouring.

Take the time to do this meditation when you have 20 minutes of undisturbed and uninterrupted space.

You may practice this visualisation multiple times with multiple different people with whom you feel you have an energetic chord.

Observe the newfound lightness and sense of freedom you feel when you disconnect the chord, unhook it’s attachment and release the person with love and forgiveness in your heart.

This meditation is also available in The Golden Yoni Membership, which you can access here.

Love Rosie x

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